Tuesday, February 17, 2009

n0t in a m0od..

huh..sign again..i was b0rrowing one of my classmate lapt0p in class n0w.. nasib x lecturer.my mind is not really prepared of receiving any inf0rmati0n or input t0day since i have a very limited sleep last night.. lpas berhempas pulas bwat baner..aik nda jua la brhempas pulas..tp penat la..i dun sleep on the aftern0on yesterday since radzi n me went t0 JTP again p ambi LCD..'bgus kta keja d sni ja la'like radzi said..we went there at 3pm but only managed to take the LCD from en.Ghazali on 4pm..huh...at nyte we were doing the baner..and only 5 of us were there..our c0mmited leader wad n0t wif us..takziah..hpe tat he will be more t0ugher..huh..be str0ng..
~the baner was d0ne..thank GOD!huh..malangnya..blik jak hstel,wireless xda!!sh**!!nah kn sa blang..im aching of doing mdm gulson's work lg ne..sda la blum sep lg..thanxs to rumet for helping me menggunting2..mang stay up la lg ne..i am so sleepy but i try hard to finish her work...n guess wat!!jz nw she entered our class n she even didn't ask any about tat!!huh..tp xpala 8least suda sep la..so tat i can free mind goin to BIG 2morrow..
~aduii..so undefined..my feeling is so undefined...ntala..the person was so 'unpredictable'..i didn't really knw wat actually he wants..but my t0t could n0t really away from him...

~huh...so in rush nw...to be continue...


  1. hai ling!
    ni pika~
    saya suda linked kau di blog saya~

  2. salam, aiii~ orang tawau ka neyh? chomeynya blog! hehehe!